New Luxurious Knit Baby Blanket Available [updated*]

I’ve been working on this blanket for quite a while now. It’s amazing how long it takes! I’m so happy it’s done because I think someone is going to be thrilled to wrap their baby in it.

It’s quite possibly the best (i.e. most comfortable) blanket I’ve ever made. I would love to have a full-size one but that would require a spare $300 lying around for the yarn!

You can see the product description for more information. Here are a few photos and a video I made to display the drape. It’s impossible to convey in photos alone.

As I posted on Facebook a bit earlier:

“So, yes, this sold almost immediately, but I can make another one on commission if someone is fretting that they missed out. The price would be determined by the yarn chosen and complexity of design, but if I were to reproduce this blanket in just about any color(s) it would run approximately the same price ($100). You can always message me here or email me (cozyhousecurios (at) gmail (dot) com) for more information. 🙂”

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