Orthodox Monk Waldorf-Style Doll

The newest doll is now available! I had so much fun making him. This was the first time I stuffed a doll entirely with hand-washed-and-carded wool. This particular wool is 100% Shetland and came from The Tulip Patch in Oregon using locally sourced sheep. Because some lanolin still remains it is particularly resistant to dust mites and bacteria. Lanolin has a distinctive but not unpleasant smell and a few people can be allergic to it. All of this wool is on the inside of the doll, but I don’t know how sensitive an allergy can be; fair warning.

I decided this monk doll should have a vest sweater so I designed and knit him one. Then I added a tiny patch pocket. And a prayer rope. I stopped before giving him some garden tools.

You can see more photos of him and a full description at the product link here.