Waldorf-Style Orthodox Nun Teething Doll


Nun teething doll

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This teething doll is soft and sturdy. The head form is made of a woolen core wrapped with very soft polyester fiber filling. The fabric is 100% quilting cotton on top and velvety minky dot underneath. The face and hands are made of blush cotton knit especially manufactured for Waldorf doll-making. A cross is embroidered in red on the front of the nun’s veil. Her eyes are drawn on with permanent marking pen and her cheeks are blushed with organic beeswax. She holds an all natural, untreated, organic, solid birch wood ring (2 5/8 inches diameter) made in the U.S. Her hands are sewn together so the ring is not removable.

These make wonderful gifts for births and baptisms.

Dimensions: 10-11 inches tall; square is 11-12 inches when opened up.

Care: machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water; dry on low heat. She may also be hand-washed and hung to dry. (She has not been prewashed so wash before giving to a child.)

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in


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