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[This is a custom order for St. Tikhon’s Monastery Bookstore consisting of nine dolls: three priests, three monks, and three nuns.]

These Orthodox dolls are made in the Waldorf tradition. The heads and bodies are constructed in the Waldorf-style (filled and sculpted with 100% wool). The face and hands are covered with various flesh-toned cotton knit and the bodies are covered with black cotton-blend knit. Faces are embroidered. The hair and beards are all crocheted from 100% wool yarn.

Each rassa/cassock is made from wool blend broadcloth. It is free from the hem to the neck and is tightly sewn to the body at the neck and arm openings. Priests’ cassocks are stitched down on the left abdomen where the cassock overlaps. A gold crocheted cross is stitched down across the back of the neck. Monks have a ribbon “belt” stitched down at the waist and a yarn “prayer rope” attached. Nuns’ cassocks are one piece and do not overlap at the front. Their “prayer ropes” are stitched to their right wrists.

Monk dolls wear a simple, folding skufia with a small red cross stitched on the front. Nun dolls wear a black scarf with a small red cross stitched to the front. Priest dolls wear a skufia with a small button stitched on the center of the top. Each head covering is stitched firmly to the head and not designed to be removed.

Every effort has been made to make the doll’s durable, triple-stitching all body seams, and reinforcing all stitching of items that have the potential to come off (prayer ropes, crosses, buttons, etc.). If these dolls are given to small children who are at risk for choking, please check for loose items and supervise the child.

Care: I recommend spot cleaning the doll itself as needed, and hand-washing if necessary. Use cool water and do not wring or scrub. There are several good sites online giving explicit directions for cleaning Waldorf dolls and I recommend consulting them if you feel you need to wash the doll.

Dimensions: All dolls are approximately 9 1/2 inches tall

Note: The price reflects bulk pricing rates: 15% off. The dolls will be shipped USPS Priority mail with insurance. $7.10 has been added to the price to cover the extra insurance required.

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