Custom Order: Phelonia in Liturgical Colors, Play-Size Gold Priest and Deacon Vestments


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The set of seven low-back phelonia in liturgical colors was made to hang on 18 inch stands. The colors are white, black, blue, green, purple, gold, and red.

The vestments are made from fabric designed by St. Tabitha’s Workshop and printed on satin. Various trims are used to simulate galloon. There is a functional button at the neck of each phelonion. A cross is sewn to the back of each.

The set of priest’s vestments consists of a phelonion, sticharion, epitrachelion, belt, and cuffs. There were all made primarily from the  same fabric.

The phelonion is made in the Byzantine style with a low back. A cross is stitched to the center of the back and various gold trims were used as galloon. There is a functional button at the neck.

The belt, cuffs, and epitrachelion are made from the same fabric. The top button of the epitrachelion is functional. The cuffs have gold rings and satin cord just as the full-scale ones do.

The sticharion is made from white cotton. There is a functional button at the neck. Gold trim is used around the neck, wrists, and hem, and there is a gold cross stitched to the back. Satin cord is affixed to each wrist so the sleeves can be gathered before putting on the cuffs.

The deacon’s set consists of a gold sticharion, double orarion, and cuffs, again, made from the same fabric.

The sticharion is sewn such that each side from the wrists to the hem is open, and fastens with functional buttons. It is lined with light gold satin. The neck closes with a functional button. There is a gold cross stitched to the back and various gold trim and ribbon is used as galloon. There is a button at the left neckline to use to hold the orarion. The double orarion Is trimmed with gold trim, ribbon crosses, and vintage gold fringe. There are two elastic loops which overlap and latch onto the button on the left neckline of the sticharion. The cuffs are identical to the priest’s cuffs.

These are intended for careful use, not as a casual toy. Children should be taught to care for them properly and treat them with respect. At the same time, children should be encouraged to handle them and learn how the various pieces of the vestments are worn.

Care: Do not machine wash. Hand wash as absolutely necessary using cool water and a small amount of mild detergent. Do not wring or scrub. Dry flat or hanging; do not place in dryer. Iron carefully if needed, avoiding jewelry findings.

[note: colors may not appear entirely accurately on different screens]

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Small phelonia

  • 11-11.5” tall

Priest’s vestments:

  • sticharion 28” tall
  • epitrachelion 27” long
  • phelonion 29” tall

Deacon’s vestments

  • sticharion 29” tall
  • double orarion 79” long


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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4 in