Orthodox Priest Doll


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This is a one-of-a-kind Orthodox priest doll. He is dressed in a black riassa and skufia, and carries a small gold crocheted censer.

His head is constructed in Waldorf style (filled with tightly wound cotton batting), his beard and hair crocheted and then stitched in place. His skufia is made of black twill and constructed exactly as the full-sized ones are. It is firmly stitched to his head. His pectoral cross is crocheted from gold thread and stitched down across his shoulders and neck.

His riassa is made of cotton and is one closed piece with a round base from the same fabric. A flap covers a portion of the front, closing with a hook and eye, giving the illusion of a wrap-around riassa. The hands and sleeves are one piece, stuffed with a small amount of polyfil for softness. On his right hand a gold ring was inserted into the seam for attaching the censer. His body underneath the riassa is one piece, constructed of many layers of cotton batting, stitched together to hold the shape. The riassa “floats” over the body. The base is more or less flat and the doll can stand upright most of the time. He does have a propensity to fall over, however, not being weighted.

The miniature censer was crocheted from gold thread over a  wooden form. Tiny gold bells are stitched to the chains. They really do jingle if you listen closely. The chains are gathered onto a second gold ring and a lobster claw clasp attached.

This Orthodox priest doll was made with Waldorf attributes but is more detailed and not as appropriate for small children. I recommend this be given to children age 6 and up, keeping in mind how rough the child is with toys. There are small parts, and while I fastened everything as securely as possible, I can’t guarantee the fastenings would hold up to toddler teeth. In addition, given the nature of the materials I’m not sure how well the doll would hold up to washing. I recommend spot cleaning as needed, and hand-washing if absolutely necessary. There is no wool involved, but care should be taken in any case.

I have gotten attached to this sweet doll and would love to see him go to a good home!


Doll: 15 inches tall

Censer: 4 inches from clasp to bottom

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 15 in