Waldorf-Style Orthodox Priest Doll – Black


Waldorf/style Orthodox priest doll

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This is a one-of-a-kind Orthodox priest doll. He is dressed in a black cassock and skufia, has a gold crocheted pectoral cross, and carries a small gold crocheted censer.

His head and body are constructed in the waldorf style (filled and sculpted with tightly wound 100% wool batting). The face and upper body are made of a dark brown cotton blend knit and his lower body is made of black 100% cotton knit (to take the place of trousers). His beard and hair were crocheted from salt-and-pepper yarn and stitched in place.

His removable Russian-style soft skufia is made of black cotton and constructed exactly as the full-sized ones are. His pectoral cross is crocheted from gold thread and is removable. His riassa is made of the same 100% cotton knit fabric as his lower body. It is removable and closes in the front with two patches of Velcro.

The miniature censer was crocheted from gold thread over a  wool-wrapped wooden form. A small loop of black elastic is sewn to the top of the censer so it may be fitted over the doll’s hand or wrist. [I have to offer this censer without bells because of safety concerns for the lower end of the target age group, but if requested I can sew six tiny gold bells to the chains.] The cross and censer may be removed and put away for a time if there is a concern about a young child choking on them.

While the cassock is of cotton and completely washable, I recommend spot cleaning the doll itself as needed, and hand-washing if absolutely necessary. Use cool water and do not wring or scrub. There are several good sites online giving explicit directions for cleaning Waldorf dolls and I recommend consulting them if you feel you need to wash him.


Doll: 15 inches tall

Censer: 3 1/2 inches long (not including elastic)

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