Waldorf-Style Orthodox Priest Doll


Waldorf-style Orthodox priest doll with coffee mug

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This is a one-of-a-kind, Orthodox priest doll. He is dressed in a black cassock and riassa, wears silver-frame sunglasses, and carries a small gold crocheted censer and coffee mug.

His head and body are constructed in the Waldorf style (filled and sculpted with tightly wound 100% wool batting). The face and hands are covered with tan-colored cotton knit (especially manufactured for making dolls) and his body is covered with black cotton knit. His short hair and goatee were crocheted with brunette brushable mohair yarn and stitched in place. His eyes are embroidered.

His cassock is made of the same cotton knit fabric as his lower body. It is removable and closes in the front with two patches of Velcro. His riassa is made with a rayon-blend (actual clerical fabric) and closes at the neck with a button and knotted loop closure. His sunglasses were handmade using 16 gauge steel wire and thin plastic, and the ends of the earpieces were covered with hot glue to blunt them.

The miniature censer was crocheted from gold thread over a woolen form. A small loop of black elastic is sewn to the top of the censer so it may be fitted over the doll’s hand or wrist. Six tiny gold bells are stitched to the chains.

His coffee mug (with coffee) is made from thick, black wool felt and stuffed with special roast wool. The “coffee” is thin brown felt stitched in place. Embroidered on the mug is a simple cross, and a swirl of cream is embroidered on the coffee. A black elastic loop is stitched onto the mug in place of a handle so the doll can hold the coffee.

Care:  While the cassock and riassa are completely washable, I recommend spot cleaning the doll itself as needed, and hand-washing if absolutely necessary. Soak in cool water using a gentle detergent or baby wash. Gently squeeze out excess water; do not wring or scrub. Lay on a towel to dry for one or more days depending on humidity. There are several good sites online giving explicit directions for cleaning Waldorf dolls and I recommend consulting them if you feel you need to wash him.

Dimensions: 13.5 inches tall

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