Ordering Custom Orthodox Clergy and Monastic Dolls

I offer Orthodox Waldorf-style dolls in two sizes: 8-9 inches and 16-18 inches. In those sizes I offer priest, monk, and nun dolls. I also make very simple monk and nun dolls for babies, with or without ribbon loops. You can find those in the Dolls section. When I have time, I make dolls as they appeal to me and offer them ready-to-ship. Those dolls will also appear in the Dolls section. Below is information about ordering custom dolls.

[I also make Orthodox child dolls, some custom, and some ready-to-ship. See this page on ordering these dolls.]

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All dolls:

All of the dolls regardless of type or size are made with top-quality materials. The skin is 100% cotton knit especially created for doll-making, available in a range of skin tones. The fabric for cassocks, etc., is also cotton knit, and as close to 100% as I can make it (some minor variation is possible). They are stuffed only with wool, which is traditionally used for Waldorf-style dolls. Wool resists bacterial growth and takes on the warmth of the body making it a wonderful choice for dolls. Hair/beards can be made with wool, wool-blend, or acrylic yarn depending on the effect desired. Eyes are embroidered. Hair and beards are hand-crocheted (and possibly hand-knotted) and brushed out. The bodies and clothing are a combination of machine and hand-stitched. I do my best to make the dolls very durable, triple-stitching the seams.

Below is a photograph of the currently available skin-tones (dark brown, tan, blush, peach): [I will be adding to these colors over time.]


Below is a representation of some non-wool yarn for hair (may vary):

Below is a representation of some wool yarn for hair (may vary):

Below is a representation of brushable mohair yarn, which results in very realistic hair. It is not ideal for very small children who may chew on it, because fibers will come off in their mouths.


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Small Dolls

The small dolls are approximately 8 – 10 inches tall and are safe for babies. There are no loose parts, no removable parts, and no buttons*. Of course they can be enjoyed by older children as well.

Each doll has a cassock attached at the armholes and neck (so it isn’t removable) and a skufia or veil stitched to the head. Priest dolls have a crocheted pectoral cross which is firmly stitched down across the neck and shoulders. Monks have a ribbon belt stitched down. Monk and nun dolls have a small red cross stitched on the front of the skufia/veil. Monks and nuns have prayer ropes.

[*A button may be stitched to the top of the priest’s skufia. If you would like this left off, or the prayer ropes left off, please let me know.]

Because of the nature of the doll they are only mildly customizable. I offer four skin tones and several different colors of hair (for the priest and monk dolls). Mohair yarn will not be used for these dolls.

Small dolls are $75 each, regardless of type.

Each small doll will take a few days to make. There may be a delay before work can begin on your doll if I am waiting for materials to arrive or if I am already working on prior orders. I will be clear before beginning as to when you can expect your doll.

Below are examples of some small dolls:


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Large Dolls

The larger dolls are approximately 16 – 18 inches tall. Clothing and accessories are removable. All three variations (priest, monk, nun) are dressed in black cassocks suitable for the doll. Each monk doll has a monastic-style belt (closes with velcro) over his cassock, wears a soft skufia, and carries a knotted prayer rope (not traditionally knotted, only simply knotted). Nun dolls also carry prayer ropes and have veil head coverings (one inner, one outer for church). Priest dolls wear a riassa, a crocheted pectoral cross (gold or silver), a skufia (soft skufia or kamilavkion) and carry a small crocheted censer with tiny bells (gold or silver).

All of the dolls are designed such that the face and hands are skin-tone and rest black. The cassocks are closed with Velcro patches. Riassas may close at the neck with a loop and button.

All priests and monks are bearded. The beards may be close-trimmed, long, or goatee-style. Priests can come with short hair, ponytail, or bun. Monks come with a ponytail or loose, longer hair. Priests and monks may also be balding on top. All of this is negotiable and easy to customize.

Each large doll will take approximately one week to make. There may be a delay before work can begin on your doll if I am waiting for materials to arrive or if I am already working on prior orders. I will be clear before beginning as to when you can expect your doll.

As per shop policy, for any custom order over $75 I require a 50% deposit in order to begin work. After agreeing on the order with you I will create a custom listing for 50% of the price of the doll, not including shipping. I will begin after you purchase that listing. While working I will send in-progress photos so we can make sure you are receiving exactly the doll you want. At completion I will create a second custom listing for 50% of the price including shipping.

Dolls are customizable for skin tone, hair color, eye color, skufia type (within reason), color of cross or censer, and hair style. These dolls are priced as follows, taking into account the varying amount of time it takes to make each type:

  • Priest [comes with cassock, skufia, cross, and censer]: $175
  • Monk [comes with cassock, belt, prayer rope, and skufia]: $165
  • Nun [comes with cassock, inner and outer veils, and prayer rope]: $170

Extra items are also available to add on or order separately. If you’re wondering if I can make something, just ask. I have made everything from a bishop with klobuk, panagia, and staff, a Coptic priest’s hat, and a miniature accordian.

  • Sweater, black, hand-knit with functional buttons: $35
  • Hard skufia/kalimavkion : $20
  • Klobuk: $35
  • Riassa/exorassa: $20
  • Censer: $15
  • Cross: $5
  • Glasses (manufactured): $5
  • Doll stand (manufactured): $5

You may order vestments, either a full set or a part, for your priest doll. These are made from liturgical fabric, narrow galloon or ribbon, small buttons, jewelry findings, and whatever else appropriate. A full set includes sticharion, phelonion (Greek or Russian), epitrachelion, belt, and cuffs.

  • Full set: $125
  • Sticharion: $30
  • Phelonion: $35
  • Epitrachelion: $25
  • Belt: $25
  • Cuffs: $25

I have made many dolls commissioned to look like a particular person, using photographs. There is a $25 extra fee for this, because it involves getting the facial structure and hair/beard coloring just right. If you wish, you can avoid this by just specifying skin, hair, and eye color and get reasonably close without trying to look exactly alike.

Below are examples of large dolls, a variety of clothing, and vestments:

All dolls shipping to a US address are shipped USPS priority mail with insurance unless you prefer a different arrangement. International shipping rates will be researched for you before beginning. I am not responsible for VAT fees, etc.

If you have further questions or you would like to consult with me about making a custom doll for you, please use the contact form below:

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