Miniature Poseable Orthodox Clergy and Monastic Dolls

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Miniature poseable Orthodox dolls

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These Orthodox dolls are in miniature form, 1:12 scale (6 inches) appropriate for dollhouse-sized church play.

Each one uses a pre-made base of wood and rope-covered thick wire. The arms and legs are fully bendable but the head does not turn. The dolls stand on their own quite well, and can be made to sit. The heads and hands are covered with a variety of skin-toned knit fabric and features drawn on the face. Hair and beards (except for nuns) are fashioned from mohair yarn and stitched to the fabric of the heads.

Each doll wears a black knit or wool felt cassock which is stitched to the doll at the wrists and neck and not removeable. The monk dolls have a belt from the same fabric stitched to the waist.

Monks and priests have skufias stitched to the heads which are not removable. The nun dolls have veils stitched and glued to the head and around the face which are not removeable. On the monks’ skufias and the nuns’ veils is stitched a tiny red cross. Priest dolls wear a crocheted gold pectoral cross. It is not intended to come off, but might be able to.

Each priest comes with a removable epitrachelion and phelonion. They are made from a variety of fabrics and trimmed with a variety of appropriately scaled trims.

Each doll is one-of-a-kind and purchased individually using the drop-down menu. As I make additional dolls I will add their photographs and options to the selection menu.

[Whichever group of dolls is in the main photo represents the currently available dolls. Photos of dolls already sold are included after this group to show the type of dolls I can make.]

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

3 reviews for Miniature Poseable Orthodox Clergy and Monastic Dolls

  1. Kayla Grieco (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning 😍 I am so impressed with the quality of this doll and the care and attention to detail.

    Image #1 from Kayla Grieco
  2. Pauline M. (verified owner)

  3. Marie (verified owner)

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