Natural Fiber Art Doll: Anastasia


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This adorable, one-of-a-kind natural fiber art doll was made with meticulous care. Anastasia  is fully dressed and comes with her own tiny doll and extra clothing.

Her skin is blush-colored high-quality cotton knit, especially manufactured for making Waldorf dolls. It is free from harmful chemicals and resists pilling and wear. Her head was sculpted with wool, the features felted until firm, and the face embroidered. Her body is also stuffed entirely with wool. (All of the wool is OEKO-TEX standard 100. Wool retains body warmth and resists bacteria and mold, and so makes an ideal stuffing for dolls.) Her limbs were filled by tightly rolling wool. This gives an extremely firm result and so she is not floppy. Her head is articulated so she can look up, down, and side to side. In the lower center of her torso is situated a tightly sewn cotton bag of glass microbeads for added weight. This gives her a very comfortable feel in your arms.

Her hair is made from a 100% mohair weft. A cap was crocheted from crochet thread and sewn securely to her head.  The mohair weft was then sewn in tight rows to the cap.  It can be styled by finger-combing. Brushing curly hair, just as with human curly hair, will result in frizzy locks.

Anastasia wears a white cotton, lace-trimmed camisole and matching pantalettes. Her fold-down socks are likewise trimmed with lace. Her Mary Jane shoes were hand-made from real leather using traditional shoemaking techniques. They buckle with real tiny buckles. The insoles are covered with patterned cloth.

Her dress has a pale yellow linen top with puffed sleeves and a floral skirt. It buttons in the back with two shell buttons. Her pinafore apron is white linen with two ties and an embroidered pocket.

Her hand-knit cardigan buttons with four flower-shaped buttons. The front features flowers in stranded knit to match her outfit. The hat is crocheted cotton with a removable yellow band. The band can also be used as a headband. She has a large, white grosgrain bow on a barrette.

She also wears a tiny cross crocheted from bamboo crochet thread which fastens with a lobster claw clasp. The cross portion is stiffened with fabric stiffener. She has a knitted purse in the same yellow yarn as the hat band. It is trimmed with lace and a cluster of blue ribbon roses.

Anastasia has her very own doll made from the same materials as herself. She is 6 inches tall and wears a floral top (not removable) with tiny non-functional buttons. The matching skirt is removable and she has rick rack trimmed pantalettes. She also has a hand-knit hat and sweater set. The sweater closes with three functional buttons.

The dolls and all of their clothing are made from my original patterns.

Dimensions: approximately 20 inches tall


Doll: I recommend spot cleaning the doll itself as needed, and hand-washing if absolutely necessary. Soak in cool water using a gentle detergent or baby wash. Gently squeeze out excess water; do not wring or scrub. Lay on a towel to dry for one or more days depending on humidity. There are several good sites online giving explicit directions for cleaning Waldorf dolls and I recommend consulting them if you feel you need to do so. (The tiny doll should be similarly hand-washed and laid out to dry.)

Clothing: The dress, apron,  socks, underpinnings, cardigan and hat are all machine washable and dryable. I strongly recommend pinning them in a lingerie bag so they do not get lost. The shoes should be wiped clean if needed.

***This doll is mainly for adults and collectors but certainly may be played with in a kind way by older children. Anastasia will be lonely if she is put on a shelf and never played with. I do not recommend children under 8 years old play with her without some supervision.***

This doll will be shipped USPS Priority mail with insurance equal to the value of the doll. (Insurance is included in the price of the doll.)

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