Weighted Waldorf Orthodox Baby Doll


Weighted Waldorf Orthodox baby doll with additional clothing

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This adorable, one-of-a-kind Waldorf-style doll was made with meticulous care. She is fully dressed and comes with her own small Orthodox nun teething doll, hand-knit blanket,  and additional clothing.

Her skin is tan-colored high-quality cotton knit, especially manufactured for making Waldorf dolls. It is free from harmful chemicals and resists pilling and wear. Her head was sculpted with wool, the features felted until firm, and the face embroidered. Her body is also stuffed entirely with wool. (All of the wool is OEKO-TEX standard 100. Wool retains body warmth and resists bacteria and mold, and so makes an ideal stuffing for dolls.) Carefully placed in each limb, the torso, and the head, are sealed cotton bags of glass microspheres for weight. This gives her an especially cuddly, life-like feel. Her hair is 100% light brown mohair yarn crocheted into a cap, sewn securely to her head, and brushed out. She is wearing a small pink barrette.

She wears a flannel, pink floral diaper which fastens with Velcro. On top she has a pink cotton smock edged with eyelet and with an elastic neck. She has both cotton woven checked pants and cotton knit striped pants, both in grey and white. She has a white pinafore-style dress with side ties trimmed with pink. Her pink knits consist of Mary Jane booties with functional flower buttons and a traditional bonnet. Her grey knits consist of a cardigan with three fabric-covered buttons and a cap with three pink crocheted flowers.

She also wears a tiny cross crocheted from white cotton crochet thread, the cross stiffened with fabric stiffener.

Her clothes may be mixed and matched.

She comes with her own hand-knit striped blanket in pinks and white. She also has her very own Orthodox nun teething doll, similar to the larger ones I make for real babies. The materials used are largely the same as those used for the baby doll. The teething ring is a stainless steel split ring covered with crocheted cotton yarn (not-removable).

The doll and all of her clothing are made from my original patterns. The dress, smock, pants, and leggings are all cotton. Her knits are soft, washable acrylic.

Dimensions: approximately 15 inches tall, approximately 8 ounces undressed.

Age recommendation: This is not an appropriate toy for a child under five. The mohair used for the doll’s hair is not good for chewing on and there are small parts (buttons) involved. However, this is a doll meant to be loved and played with! She is sewn with triple seams and as sturdy as I could make her.


Doll: I recommend spot cleaning the doll itself as needed, and hand-washing if absolutely necessary. Soak in cool water using a gentle detergent or baby wash. Gently squeeze out excess water (you can also roll in a towel and squeeze); do not wring or scrub. Lay on a towel to dry for one or more days depending on humidity. There are several good sites online giving explicit directions for cleaning Waldorf dolls and I recommend consulting them if you feel you need to do so. (The tiny nun doll should be similarly hand-washed and laid out to dry.) The glass microspheres used for weight are not harmed by washing.

Clothing: All of the clothing is machine washable and dryable. I strongly recommend pinning them in a lingerie bag so they do not get lost.

This doll will be shipped USPS Priority mail with insurance equal to the value of the doll. (Insurance is included in the price of the doll.)

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 5 in